PowerShell User Group event – June 2016 in London in Rackspace

I would like to thank you all for attending PowerShell User Group in London in Rackspace. Please find PowerShell Pester code from my session on GitHub. Thank you Josh Atwell for your first session and thank you Matt Penny for your fantastic sketch notes. https://twitter.com/Josh_Atwell/status/748231060052385792 https://twitter.com/salisbury_matt/status/748257069644546048 https://twitter.com/salisbury_matt/status/748496075003170816 https://twitter.com/salisbury_matt/status/748497813827366913

PowerShell – Script to run one-time full deduplication including optimization, garbage collection and scrubbing

I wrote a simple script to run full deduplication. It is handy when you need one-time deduplication including garbage collection and scrubbing job. $ErrorActionPreference = ‘Stop’ Function Wait-RvDedupJob { Write-Warning -Message ‘Wait for all jobs to finish’ while (Get-DedupJob -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) { Start-Sleep -Seconds 10 } } Get-DedupVolume | ForEach-Object -Process ` { $_.Volume Wait-RvDedupJob […]