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Building Microsoft System Center Cloud - How the cloud admins and architects looks like?

How the cloud administrator or architect looks like? How does it feel to work on the cloud?

It is great for the IT Pros to work in the cloud environments. Trust me!

As administrator

Are you bored to do the same thing again and again? You will not have to!

In usual circumstances the user (customer, developer...) gives you a list of requirements. The user for example wants three VMs with load balancer, with connection to the SAN and maybe with some applications. If you are admin …

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Building Microsoft System Center Cloud - What is the Cloud?


The Cloud Computing is an old idea that can be dated back to the sixties. Early mentions about the cloud are from J.C.R. Licklider who was responsible for enabling the development of Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) in 1969. But I would like to talk only about the current clouds that became popularity with Salesforce and Amazon Web Services (AWS).



In the very old days we had papers and abacus (the schoty / counting frame). Later& …

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Building Microsoft System Center Cloud - Outline

Outline of the whole series on how to build Microsoft Private Cloud

There are included articles that do not come from the main series on building cloud but these articles and mini-series are crucial to build a cloud environment.

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