Now we can create our first cloud. Are you ready?

Capability Profiles

  • Capability Profiles are hardware profiles for different hypervisors. You specify details for Hyper-V, Xen and ESXi. In our case we do not have to change anything but the knowledge what is the capability profile will be important in the next steps.

Create first cloud

  • Create Cloud
  • Specify name of the cloud.
      • Contoso
  • Specify host group for the cloud
  • Select Logical networks for the cloud
      • LN-Contoso
      • LN-Infrastructure
      • Production
  • We will configure load balancers later.
  • We already set our Port Classification.
  • In the past you may added storage managed using SMI-S (for example iSCSI storage) or you can use only CSV as I did.
  • Specify your Library Servers.
  • You can specify maxima for the isolated clouds of your customers in your multitenant environment but of course in the testing environment you need to have all available resources.
  • Capability Profiles - We have only Hyper-V hosts.
  • Done
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