IP Pool for the Logical Network

It is a pool of IP addresses that are statically assigned to the host's virtual adapters and VMs by VMM. I call it DHCP for servers. Of course it is not DHCP but it is automatic like DHCP and it is for the servers. It is always easier to have static IP addresses defined on all of your servers and not only on those that require static IP addresses (DNS servers).

Naming conventions

You can read about my naming convention in the first networking article.

  • LNI-<Logical Network>-<Network site>[-<IP Pool name>]

New IP Pool for Logical Network

  • Create IP Pool
  • Set name and choose Logical Network.
      • LNI-Infrastructure-Big datacenter-Main
  • Choose network site in the existing Logical Network and IP subnet when you have multiple of them.
  • You can also see the VLAN that is defined in the Network site.
    • Not using network virtualization (Hyper-V isolation)...
    • Using network virtualization (Hyper-V isolation)...
    • You can also Create multicast IP address pool.
    • Define network parameters (similar to DHCP Options) for this site.
    • Set IP address range similar to DHCP.
    • Set gateway if you have it. Of course do not set gateway for IP Pools like Cluster Inter-Communication (heartbeat) or Live Migration.
    • Set DNS Server Addresses (if you have DNS on the network). In my case I will set directly IPs of the Domain Controllers.
    • I will not set the DNS Suffix because all machines in this subnet will be connected to a domain.
    • WINS (hopefully you do not need them)
    • Create IP Pools for other sites. I will create following IP Pools:
      • LNI - Contoso - Big datacenter - Main
      • LNI - Contoso - Small datacenter - Main
      • LNI - Infrastructure - Big datacenter - Main
      • LNI - Infrastructure - Small datacenter - Main


Revoke all IP addresses in the given subnet

During testing phase you may need to remove IP Poll that you created because for example you want to delete Logical Network and you need to delete all dependencies including IP Pools. Use following PowerShell in the testing environment to revoke IPs in whole subnet. Be careful in the production environment. You should not use something so powerful (destructive):

Get-SCIPAddress -StaticIPAddressPool (Get-SCStaticIPAddressPool -IPv4 -Subnet '') | Revoke-SCIPAddress
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