If you work on custom DSC resources then debug mode is very handy for you because you may need to re-import your updated DSC resource again and again. Without re-import (force import) the DSC uses cache.

How to set DebugMode:

  • None
    • Signifies that DebugMode is False and not applicable.
  • ForceModuleImport
    • Enforce the resource module to be reloaded instead of using the cache. This is similar to "true" value in previous versions.
  • ResourceScriptBrealAll
    • Helps in debugging DSC resources when Local configuration manager tries to execute their functions. More on it in subsequent blog posts!
  • All
    • Signifies that debugging as well as reloading of modules are both enabled.
Configuration LCMDebugMode {
    Node localhost {
        Settings {
            ConfigurationMode    = 'ApplyOnly'
            RefreshMode          = 'Push'
            Debugmode            = 'ForceModuleImport'

LCMDebugMode -OutputPath $directoryPath
Set-DscLocalConfigurationManager -Path $directoryPath -Verbose

The second option to mitigate cache is to restart service but this is not recommended procedure:

Restart-Service -Name winmgmt -Force -Verbose
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