Building Microsoft System Center Cloud – SCVMM 2012 R2 – VM Template to deploy VMs with Dual-Stack static IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

In this article I will show you how to modify our current Virtual Machine Manager configuration to create VM Template that will produce virtual machines with Dual-Stack IP addresses. IPv4 and IPv6 address will be assigned from the two IP Pools.

  • Modify Logical Network Site and add IPv6 subnet.
      • fd12:3456::/64
  • Create new IP Pool for IPv6 addresses.
      • LNI – Infrastructure – Big datacenter – IPv6
        • fd12:3456::64
        • fd12:3456::ffff
  • Create new Hardware Profile by copying the existing one.
  • Rename the Hardware Profile.
      • PH – Infrastructure servers – Dual-Stack IPv4 and IPv6
  • Set static IPv4 and IPv6.
  • Create new VM Template and use VHDX that is stored in the Library.
  • Use new Hardware Profile.
  • Use existing Guest OS Profile. Name of the VM will be generated by information in the Guest OS Profile.
  • Deploy a new VM from the VM Template.
  • Name is defined in the Guest OS Profile.
  • Start the new VM and check if the IP addresses was assigned.

Get IP addresses that was assigned from the IP Pool

  • You can very easily get all IP adresses that was assigned from a given IP Pool using PowerShell.
Get-SCIPAddress -StaticIPAddressPool (Get-SCStaticIPAddressPool -IPv6 -Subnet 'fd12:3456::/64')
  • Output:
Name                         : fd12:3456::64
Address                      : fd12:3456::64
AllocatingAddressPool        : LNI - Infrastructure - Big datacenter - IPv6 (fd12:3456::64 - fd12:3456::ffff)
AssignedToID                 : 3a120c99-4d3f-4673-ac90-f4f0d3dc1c8d
AssignedToType               : VirtualNetworkAdapter
Type                         : DedicatedIP
State                        : Assigned
Description                  : conttestvm1
IsDuplicate                  : False
LastModifiedByNetworkManager :
ServerConnection             : Microsoft.SystemCenter.VirtualMachineManager.Remoting.ServerConnection
ID                           : 85bbdc29-44dc-4e6f-833b-205400e81c3b
IsViewOnly                   : False
ObjectType                   : AllocatedIPAddress
MarkedForDeletion            : False
IsFullyCached                : True

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