Hyper-V hosts with Windows Server 2012 R2 installation – Part 2 – Configuration of the Hyper-V hosts

This article is not part of the System Center Cloud series but we will use the these servers as our Hyper-V hosts.

Naming convention

  • We should continue and set names of the new servers.
    • The nodes will be named: conthostclu0n0
      • cont – Our fictional company is Contoso
      • host – It will be Hyper-V host
      • clu0 – It will be part of the cluster no. 0
      • n0 – It will be cluster node no. 0
  • PowerShell: Rename-Computer -NewName conthostclu0n0 -Restart -Force

Disk configuration

Some VMs will not be highly-available and will be located on the local disk. It is always best practice to separate application data from the system so I will add a new volume.

  • You cannot shrink the partition and the volume in the new Server Manager.
  • Use diskmgmt.msc or PowerShell
Resize-Partition -DriveLetter C -Size 140gb
New-Partition -DiskNumber 0 -AssignDriveLetter -UseMaximumSize | Format-Volume

Hyper-V configuration

Now it is a good idea to configure the Hyper-V hosts.

  • All paths: D:\Hyper-V
  • Enhanced Session: Yes
  • Rename virtual switch.

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