Convert object in PowerShell (for example [PsCustomObject]) into hash table source code

I needed a simple and reusable PowerShell code to convert any object into hash table that can be copy and pasted as source code. I wrote this:

$outputItem = '@{'

$MyCustomObject.PSObject.Properties.Name |
    Where-Object -FilterScript { $_ -ne 'ComputerName' } | ForEach-Object -Process `
        if ($interfaceItemIpConfigurationItem.$_ -is [bool])
            $valueItem = '${0}' -f $MyCustomObject.$_.ToString().ToLower()
            $valueItem = "'{0}'" -f ($MyCustomObject.$_ -join "', '")

        $outputItem += "`r`n{0} = {1}" -f $_.Padright(16, ' '), $valueItem

$outputItem += "`r`n}"

# Output

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