PowerShell Tip – How to install Windows Server roles and features and see parent / child relations as results?

It is very simple…

Install-WindowsFeature -Name AD-Domain-Services, DNS -IncludeManagementTools -OutVariable result -Verbose
Get-WindowsFeature -Name $result.FeatureResult.Name

Note: GUIs are not recommended for the server. Install only AD-Domain-Services, DNS and RSAT-AD-PowerShell on your Windows Server Core and RSAT on your management server.

Display Name                                            Name                       Install State
------------                                            ----                       -------------
[X] Active Directory Domain Services                    AD-Domain-Services             Installed
[X] DNS Server                                          DNS                            Installed
[X] Group Policy Management                             GPMC                           Installed
[X] Remote Server Administration Tools                  RSAT                           Installed
    [X] Role Administration Tools                       RSAT-Role-Tools                Installed
        [X] AD DS and AD LDS Tools                      RSAT-AD-Tools                  Installed
            [X] Active Directory module for Windows ... RSAT-AD-PowerShell             Installed
            [X] AD DS Tools                             RSAT-ADDS                      Installed
                [X] Active Directory Administrative ... RSAT-AD-AdminCenter            Installed
                [X] AD DS Snap-Ins and Command-Line ... RSAT-ADDS-Tools                Installed
        [X] DNS Server Tools                            RSAT-DNS-Server                Installed

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