Building guest (virtual) File Server Failover Cluster on Hyper-V host with Windows Server 2012 R2

Install guest (virtual) failover cluster


  • Cluster: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Two nodes
  • Failover Clustering
  • Storages
    • Witness disk: One disk on a shared VHD or VHDX virtual disk
    • Cluster disks: One or more disks on a shared VHD or VHDX virtual disk
  • Correctly configured Quorum

Create a File Server clustered role

  • Install File Server role on all nodes in PowerShell.
Install-WindowsFeature FS-FileServer -IncludeAllSubFeature
  • Or install it using Server Manager.
  • In Failover Cluster Manager assign drive letter to the cluster disk.
  • Failover Cluster Manager – Roles – Configure Role – High Availability Wizard
  • File Server
  • Select File Server for general use.
  • If you need Scale-Out File Server (for example for Hyper-V VMs) then you need to activate Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) and select Scale-Out File Server for application data.
  • Give name and IP address to the clustered role.
      • contfsclu1rfs0
  • Select disk.
  • Or multiple disks.
  • If you do not add all disks you may configure another separate File Server role for other disks but there not too many reasons why you should do that.
      • contfsclu1rfs1

Create share

  • Add File Share
  • SMB Share – Quick
  • Select server and volume.
  • Set Share name.
      • Library0
  • Configure other settings.
    • [x] Enable continuous availability
  • Customize permissions…
  • For example add a group of Virtual Machine Manager Library Users.
      • AD\contscvmmlib0adminsgroup
  • Check results.
  • Access new file share.

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